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Doula/birth companion services


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Why A Doula/Birth Companion? 

Doulas/Birth Companions have been assisting mothers with perinatal care since the beginning of time. We may have known them as grandma, mom, auntie, sister, or niece; however, they were there to aid us in one of the most important times of our life; motherhood. 


Hiring a trained doula can be beneficial to an expecting mom and her family for many reasons. Doulas are known for improving birth outcomes, providing essential support to the family mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our goal at Evol With Love Birth Companion is to aid the family in a beautiful, safe, and spiritual birthing experience.


  1. Two (2) prenatal care in home visits

  2. Assist with birth plan development

  3. Educate, Support, and Advocate

  4. Unlimited phone/e-mail support

  5. Non-medical comfort measures, relaxation techniques with breath, body positioning, massage, aromatherapy, and energy readings.

  6. Continuous support from active labor up to 1-2 hours after delivery via in person or online.

  7. One (1) postpartum visit in home or at hospital 3-7 days after birth

  8. Breastfeeding support

  9. Belly Binding/ Postpartum Care (Mom)

  10. Phone/E-mail as needed up to two (2) weeks postpartum

  11. Six Month follow up consultation

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Evol With Love Birth Companion are here to aid the expecting mother and family with a beautiful, safe, and spiritual birthing experience. 

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